The Ozamiz incident: Parojinog and the drug war

Photocredit to inquirer

I will use the term favored by yellow supported media. “The bloody drug war of president Duterte claimed another life”. Many of the Duterte critics said that the oplan tokhang is anti poor because it only targets criminal who are on the lowest levels of the organization, that the government is targeting only the minions and not the big time drug dealers. 

One after another big drug syndicates fell victims to their own accord. Pictures of the mayor blodied and lying lifeless has circulated in the internet. People rejoicing in their death and asking for more deaths. Surely it is a reaction of the people against the years and years of reigns of terror inflicted on the people. For years the Philippines was ruled by power hungry and blood thirsty oligarchs. For years we are told to kiss the arses of those who are in power. They hold their scepters and their wishes are commands. They capitalize on terror through their private armies. But not everything can last. The support garnered by the president from the people is priceless. Why is it so effective? Because it is the voice of the poeple. It is the true voice of democracy and it is the true voice of the Philippines. 

But still I believe that the culture of impunity is growing here in this country. I believe that rejoicing over a death is one of the evil things man is capable of. But what can we do? There are two evils what should we choose? The death of the tormented or the death of the tormentor. I still with for violence to stop. But what I want for tje country is a country free of corruption. I supported duterte not because I like what he is doing. I SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN HIS GOAL. I am not blind to see what is happening but I will support him still. For drug players, why choose death? You were given a chance you did not capitalize on it. You are free to do good things but you chose evil. Face the consequences of your actions face the wrath of the people face the blade of justice. Answer for your crimes.