Using Martial Law to Oust Duterte

The logic of the people from the Liberal is beyon compare. Of course it is especially that they are in the brisk of extinction (hope so). So evidences can speak for themselves. The declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao is legal and for sure necessary. All the conditions provided by the Philippine Constitution is present. There is a threat for national security and there is an act of invasion from an ISIS affiliates. 

So given the curre events that are 


The Maute is Bargaining with the Government

With more than half of a hundred is killed in the Government forces in the bloody Marawi seige, and half of a batallion in the side of the terrorists, the maute offers a bargain of the release of the priest who was trapped as a hostage (who was a very vocal critic to the Duterte administration) in exchange of the families who were arrested by the Government. 

The president is now presented by the trap laid down by the unkown enemy who was as know very vocal in their black propagandas. Hiding in the shadow of politics was the true enemy of the Filipino people being represented by crocs who are perverts and who desire power at the cost of the lives and welfare of the Filipino. 

Is Maute the true enemy? I believe that is is much of more of an instrument. There is a bigger manipulator and a thicker plot. The true enemy hides in their propaganda of justice and human rights. It was a game of chess and our president again is being presented with a trap. 

Suppose that the Government releases the relatives in exchange with the priest isn’t it a lopsided bargain for the winning side? In a matter of months, days or weeks, their ammunitions and food supply will run out and their strategic locations will be captured by the Government so what is the point of this deal? Clearly it is a trap at the expense of the sacrifices given by the soldiers who died fighting for the country. In times like this I feel so triggered to write against these demons. I LOVE MY COUNTRY!! I am not blind to see your machinations. You can 

The Plot thickens Hontiveros Please Quit Diverting the Issue.

So as usual, as the Martial Law is being implemented and the president maintains his high approval rate from the masses, there are some elements that appears to be trembling. Using human rights as their sword they try to discredit the administration hoping that people will listen to their stupidity. So waht is really happening?

All I can say is before ranting about racial discrimination (whatever was that) why not explain the Philheath Scandal you are into ms. HONTIVEROS?

Why not just support the troops that are fighting for the peace and order. The troops who are risking their lives while you are sitting inside your airconditioned offices and by the advent of your stupidity thatwas driven by your blind adherance to the politics in whice you have already sold your soul to it, why not support this country and acknowledge the threat of terrorism?

Never again for you fools. 

It was A hard Talk

So Senator Trillanes was interviewed by Stephen Sackur of BBC news. Hoping and expecting that BBC is like the local media who buys the shitty propaganda, he did not expect this one coming. His stupidy shined more than his lies and his dumbness appears to the immortal. When asked if he was a democrat he replied that he is from the nacionalista party. It has been the laughing matter for days now so I would not eleborate on it further because to think that I am a Filipino and he is on his tenure as a senator its just a shame. If patriotism is of paramount importance these days I could have naturalize in China.  

So what is Sackur’s point in asking that question? Because there is something that for him is out of tune. The opposition prides themselves as the defender of democracy while irrationally trying to oust a president who won a landslide victory and someone who holds a 70% approval rating. If democracy is for the people and they are agressively destroying and shamingthe president that is supported by the people maybe Sackur is laughing out loud after the interview. If they suceed in their propaganda, I am afraid that the Philippines would arrive into a definition crisis on democracy. If that comes I would prefer a dictatorial regime.

Once Upon an Independence Day

So here it is. Another classic example of stupidity caused by intellectual ignorance. So I am printing my lesson DLLs. As a natural reaction to boredom while waiting for my printer to do its job, I saw this post in facebook. One good thing about the social media nowadays is through social media post we could easily distinguish substance from pure pabibo actions. What I mean when I say pabibo action in this context is giving opinions that are not thought about thoroughly and off ill faith. 

First of all why am I so critical to Duterte critics? It is because I am among the small percentage of the population who have read extensively about Philippine History and conparative studies in relation to corruption. I know well enough about the long traditions of political dynasties in our country. In a capitalist system that is being run by the politicians in the front while influenced by the big time business tycoons (economic players) who in time campaign period open their bags of gold to aid the politicians in their quest to an elected government seat. I will echo the words of social science professors “there is no such thing as free lunch”. I do not need to explain the existence of principalias During the spanish conquest,  neither the nature of the American sponsored political party in the Philippines. 

So yes Martial law was declared by the president. Assuming that from your logic, the Maute-IS attack on Marawi is not an act of rebellion (ask the Syrians), and they are not a threat to the safety of the public (ask the 56 and counting dead soldiers +civilians, the Christians they kill in pure act of volition and those who were caught between the firefight and the damage to property) yes Martial Law is indeed needed to be lifted so that, your businesses could survive. So that the links you have with Maute and your involvement in the narcopolitics could be concealed by the protection given by the human rights and the writ of habeas corpus.

So president Duterte was not able to attend the FLAG RAISING CEREMONY! His predecessor “you-know-who” never missed any of it. So yeah let us shame our president because he is busy attending to the families of those WHO HAS FALLEN TO SECURE OUR INDEPENDENCE. One question for Leah Navarro. Can the flag in Luneta so heavy to raise that it needs our president to be there. If yes, then tell me. I could call my elementary pupils to help me raise it. Well if you able to read this post, I want you to know that I was born during tne time that you are no longer famous. I am no 24 years old and a teacher for 4 years. Quite a long time ehh? Are you doing this to become popular again? Well, not the popularity that you expect. 

Why am I in this rant. Philippines is a free count and one’s opinions it is in fact a part of our constitutional right. So yes you are free to tweet what you want. I wonder what is your motivation in that tweet? No madam. You are wrong to make the absence of the president a big deal. For me your tweet is a much bigger deal. It shows your blindness and bias. 

The Dogs of the Elites: The Yellow Army.


In the advent of the maguindanao seige where the ISIS-inspired MAUTE group joined by Abu Sayyaf and the BIFF. The Philippines was put in a situation where the president needs to declare a State of Martial law. The situation is dire. As I am writing this article, there are 45 reported casualties in the war (On the Soldiers alone) that broke up weeks ago. Both soldiers and civilians die, families displaced and many were trapped inside the now war-torn city were trapped between the crossfire. The AFP (Armed forces) are doing its best to contain the situation. The parents of the terrorists are now arrested. Day after day, they win grounds against these religious extremists. 

Aside from the heroes of the Philippines (AFP) and the the MAUTE group, there is also another army marching in the background. They do not carry guns, but what they have with them is a weapon more potent than the threat any terrorists could acquire. It is their propaganda and lies being told everywhere. I am fully convinced that they are behind a plot ousting the president sacrificing lives of the innocent, and seriously destroying social order. Why are they doing this? It is because there is so much stake against them. They will lose the grip on policy making (that for years causing the Philippine economy become stagnant and causing the poor to become poorer). They might also lose profits from you know what deals (ask Janeth Napoles for details). These breed of politician is the dogs of those who control the economy in the background. As hinted by the president and taking for account the imprisonment of De Lima, there are many politician also involved in drug coddling. 

I AM SICK OF THEIR RANTS ABOUT EXTRA JUDICIAL KILLINGS, HUMAN RIGHTS AND MARTIAL LAW!! The stupidity of your logic comes beyond retardation. You do not represent the poeple in congress! You are representatives of your personal interests. You use the welfare of the people as facades of your abominating deeds. You do not represent us. You are voted by the people who was a victim of a deteriorated system you created with lies and stupidity.

I am very outraged by these dogs. GO TO HELL! ALL OF YOU