Mid Day Reflections

The battle on comment sections could not be won. I give it to them they are just good in what they do. I could say that I won every jousts with them but thier state of mental healh is what scares me. They have no morals they are just paid instruments their is no victory in crushing them. 

Early this morning I had a conversation (argument) with someone with no friends s to show. His words are trash but I ignored it I gave my benefit of the duobt since it is displayed in his wall that he studies Law in Lyceum. I have great respect to lawyers and law students. So what happened? All he could utter is insults while his arguments? All of it was debunked. He shouts evidence, justice and law but chose to delete the thread when I mentioned stablished facts about the pitfalls of liberal party. He said that he pity my students well, I also pity my students. Our difference is I make my students better. I have the integrity to share and to shout my belief because I am not hiding from a fake account. While he? I dont know he might be some random guy who picks a fight but when he realizes that he could not win hewill just run and hide.

What is the difference of a troll? I will accept the definition generally accepted by the Duterte supporters. A troll is an online entity with no identity. It is paid by someone or something to engage with legitimate accounts and to do negative comments. The anti administration pages are garbage. All they can do is name callings and insults there is no intellectual stimulation in it. Those pages are garbage.

Trolls (social media presence) are paid, voters are paid, rally attendances are paid. So think of it. What sort of government is the liberal party proposing? A paid democracy? A fake democracy? Their doctrines are dysfunctional the socie

What is more concerning is this. The liberal part’s moral becomes more highly questionable. They are dead and they have lost the battle. Money can’t win them any position (at least for now). 

The destabilization is not hurting now. But we the Duterte supporters will still watch them. We will watch the president’s back.


Author: Dr J

Educator, enthusiasts, philosopher acacademe, activists, artist, unconventional, leftist.

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