So what is the cause of the downfall of the Yellow party? Was it really the stupidity of the Filipino poeple or the miscalculation in their part? I believe it is the latter.  So on what aspect do they perform their miscalculations?
1. They miscalculated the power of the masses. They miscalculated how the Filipinos wanted change badly. This miscalculated that their propagandas are no longer effective. Over and over they make Edsa PPower their war cry. What they failed to note is that generations has passed and the Filipinos would rather resort to dictatorial rather than spend another six years with uncertainty. All the other canditates are traditional politicians (it excludes madam MDS)
2. They think thier campaign strategy hasn’t changed at all. They thought that baluarte system is in effect. It might have a great effect if Duterte is out of the picture. But thanks to the man the Filipinos found hope.
3. They didn’t realize that the result of the 2016 election is a war cry of a new age of revolution. We wanted change and Du30 is more than willing to give just that. And it is with a twist. He will always say that he does not want the presidency. In his tone is a message or sincerity. Something that the liberal party could not provide in their well rehearsed speeches and “descent” words. The Filipinos are sick of kind words they badly WANT SOMETHING TO BE DONE!
4. The Liberals miscalculated the effects of crime in the country. They are not feeling safe. THE ONE Million who surrendered is enough testament for me that it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Especially that for the longest time the illegal drug industry was cuddled and peddled by high ranking officials of the Government. 
5. They miscalculated the commitment of Pdut to the Filipino poeple and the commitment of the Filipino poeple to Duterte. They never expected the 82% net approval rating. They never expected the intensity of Oplan tokhang. They never expected that the media will loose its grasp on the poeple. They miscalculated the potential of the soci media. 
The regime of Duterte is an epoch in Philippine history. It is the emergen of true democracy and poeple power exercising their right to participate in government affairs. It is the new age of Philippine Nationalism.


Author: Dr J

Educator, enthusiasts, philosopher acacademe, activists, artist, unconventional, leftist.

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