The Supreme Court Decision; Martial Law in Mindanao is Legal.

The Supreme Court which happens to be the highest authority in the interpretation of laws decided that the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao is legal. It could mean that there is no abuse of power in the presindent’s proclamation. 

It was again a tremendous blow to the opposition as they fail to gain support from the masses and at the same time fail to get backing from the sumpreme law as decided by the supreme court. 

The opposition always rants that the president is abusive of his powers but that not reflected by the sentiments of the common people. I will echo what Stephen Sackur has said to Trillanes, they are out ouf tune with the poeple.

The problem with them is they compare the Martial Law of the late President Marcos in which case they undoubtedly bang their heads on a brick wall. With the little recognition of the constitutional provisions about martial law. So what are they really up to? They dont care about the safety of the poeple. They do not care about democracy. All they care is to destroy the reputation of the the president of the Philippines at all cost. Even if it means destroying the Philippine reputation. To foreign investors that would hinder our progress.

So who are being democratic here? They time and time accuse the president of being authoritarian. Does the 16 million Filipino who voted him did not realized that? It was in fact clear in his campaign that his administration would be bloody. The Filipino voted him isn’t it in accordance with democracy? It is what the poeple want. 

They say that the president is destroying democracy in his attemp to control the situation in Marawi. The Fundamental law provided that Martial Could be implemented in a case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it. Now the question is could we say that they are democratic if the deprive the poeple of protection?

They are not the democrats. They are the new breed, the new manifestation of elite government. They are the puppets of Capitalism. 


Author: Dr J

Educator, enthusiasts, philosopher acacademe, activists, artist, unconventional, leftist.

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