So they say they are democrats?

The widely accepted definition of democracy is it a government for the people, of the people and by the poeple. It was defined as the rule of majority. If there is a democracy happening in our country’s history, it his happening now in the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte. 

His presidency is the Philippine version of the French revolution. It is the moment when Filipinos voted from their hearts hoping for change. For many years we are suffering from poor governance due to the fact that we never had the real politians who are competent and morally inclined to solve the perennial problems of the Philippines. The problem of corruption and poverty. I am a very passionate Filipino a licensed professional teacher with a Licensure exam rating of 87%. As of now I am an MAEd Social Science candidate. I am not a fool nor ignorant to acknowledge the fact that president Duterte is the solution he is the hope of the country and he is being badmouthed by those who were corrupted by power.

I am not alon in advocating to protect the president from the predators who want to preserve the filth in the Government. We are in fact a super majority. We exceed the opposition by mumbers thus we represented the rule of the majority. If Duterte is being authoritarian we care less. And I believe his authoritarian regime is within the true spirit of democracy. It is because it reflects the peoples aspirations. To see the Philippines as a country who is capable to rise above poverty. With its citizens being proud of out culture and history. We represent majority we are the democracy, we are the Government and we support president Duterte.


Author: Dr J

Educator, enthusiasts, philosopher acacademe, activists, artist, unconventional, leftist.

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