Mid Day Reflections

The battle on comment sections could not be won. I give it to them they are just good in what they do. I could say that I won every jousts with them but thier state of mental healh is what scares me. They have no morals they are just paid instruments their is no victory in crushing them. 

Early this morning I had a conversation (argument) with someone with no friends s to show. His words are trash but I ignored it I gave my benefit of the duobt since it is displayed in his wall that he studies Law in Lyceum. I have great respect to lawyers and law students. So what happened? All he could utter is insults while his arguments? All of it was debunked. He shouts evidence, justice and law but chose to delete the thread when I mentioned stablished facts about the pitfalls of liberal party. He said that he pity my students well, I also pity my students. Our difference is I make my students better. I have the integrity to share and to shout my belief because I am not hiding from a fake account. While he? I dont know he might be some random guy who picks a fight but when he realizes that he could not win hewill just run and hide.

What is the difference of a troll? I will accept the definition generally accepted by the Duterte supporters. A troll is an online entity with no identity. It is paid by someone or something to engage with legitimate accounts and to do negative comments. The anti administration pages are garbage. All they can do is name callings and insults there is no intellectual stimulation in it. Those pages are garbage.

Trolls (social media presence) are paid, voters are paid, rally attendances are paid. So think of it. What sort of government is the liberal party proposing? A paid democracy? A fake democracy? Their doctrines are dysfunctional the socie

What is more concerning is this. The liberal part’s moral becomes more highly questionable. They are dead and they have lost the battle. Money can’t win them any position (at least for now). 

The destabilization is not hurting now. But we the Duterte supporters will still watch them. We will watch the president’s back.



So what is the cause of the downfall of the Yellow party? Was it really the stupidity of the Filipino poeple or the miscalculation in their part? I believe it is the latter.  So on what aspect do they perform their miscalculations?
1. They miscalculated the power of the masses. They miscalculated how the Filipinos wanted change badly. This miscalculated that their propagandas are no longer effective. Over and over they make Edsa PPower their war cry. What they failed to note is that generations has passed and the Filipinos would rather resort to dictatorial rather than spend another six years with uncertainty. All the other canditates are traditional politicians (it excludes madam MDS)
2. They think thier campaign strategy hasn’t changed at all. They thought that baluarte system is in effect. It might have a great effect if Duterte is out of the picture. But thanks to the man the Filipinos found hope.
3. They didn’t realize that the result of the 2016 election is a war cry of a new age of revolution. We wanted change and Du30 is more than willing to give just that. And it is with a twist. He will always say that he does not want the presidency. In his tone is a message or sincerity. Something that the liberal party could not provide in their well rehearsed speeches and “descent” words. The Filipinos are sick of kind words they badly WANT SOMETHING TO BE DONE!
4. The Liberals miscalculated the effects of crime in the country. They are not feeling safe. THE ONE Million who surrendered is enough testament for me that it needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Especially that for the longest time the illegal drug industry was cuddled and peddled by high ranking officials of the Government. 
5. They miscalculated the commitment of Pdut to the Filipino poeple and the commitment of the Filipino poeple to Duterte. They never expected the 82% net approval rating. They never expected the intensity of Oplan tokhang. They never expected that the media will loose its grasp on the poeple. They miscalculated the potential of the soci media. 
The regime of Duterte is an epoch in Philippine history. It is the emergen of true democracy and poeple power exercising their right to participate in government affairs. It is the new age of Philippine Nationalism.


1. The SAF 44- ask the former president Aquino and Purisima. They will not answer. They will not even admit that they are the ones who are behind it.

2. The secret deal of Trillanes with the Chinese.

3. The Yolanda funds. Ask Mar Roxas about it. It was unliquidated and mismanaged. Goods has perished while the victims suffered hunger

4. PHILHEALTH. Ask Hontiveros about his expensive ads. 

5. The laglag bala. To divert attention from the scandal of Mamasapano.

The Ozamiz incident: Parojinog and the drug war

Photocredit to inquirer

I will use the term favored by yellow supported media. “The bloody drug war of president Duterte claimed another life”. Many of the Duterte critics said that the oplan tokhang is anti poor because it only targets criminal who are on the lowest levels of the organization, that the government is targeting only the minions and not the big time drug dealers. 

One after another big drug syndicates fell victims to their own accord. Pictures of the mayor blodied and lying lifeless has circulated in the internet. People rejoicing in their death and asking for more deaths. Surely it is a reaction of the people against the years and years of reigns of terror inflicted on the people. For years the Philippines was ruled by power hungry and blood thirsty oligarchs. For years we are told to kiss the arses of those who are in power. They hold their scepters and their wishes are commands. They capitalize on terror through their private armies. But not everything can last. The support garnered by the president from the people is priceless. Why is it so effective? Because it is the voice of the poeple. It is the true voice of democracy and it is the true voice of the Philippines. 

But still I believe that the culture of impunity is growing here in this country. I believe that rejoicing over a death is one of the evil things man is capable of. But what can we do? There are two evils what should we choose? The death of the tormented or the death of the tormentor. I still with for violence to stop. But what I want for tje country is a country free of corruption. I supported duterte not because I like what he is doing. I SUPPORT HIM BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN HIS GOAL. I am not blind to see what is happening but I will support him still. For drug players, why choose death? You were given a chance you did not capitalize on it. You are free to do good things but you chose evil. Face the consequences of your actions face the wrath of the people face the blade of justice. Answer for your crimes.

The Supreme Court Decision; Martial Law in Mindanao is Legal.

The Supreme Court which happens to be the highest authority in the interpretation of laws decided that the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao is legal. It could mean that there is no abuse of power in the presindent’s proclamation. 

It was again a tremendous blow to the opposition as they fail to gain support from the masses and at the same time fail to get backing from the sumpreme law as decided by the supreme court. 

The opposition always rants that the president is abusive of his powers but that not reflected by the sentiments of the common people. I will echo what Stephen Sackur has said to Trillanes, they are out ouf tune with the poeple.

The problem with them is they compare the Martial Law of the late President Marcos in which case they undoubtedly bang their heads on a brick wall. With the little recognition of the constitutional provisions about martial law. So what are they really up to? They dont care about the safety of the poeple. They do not care about democracy. All they care is to destroy the reputation of the the president of the Philippines at all cost. Even if it means destroying the Philippine reputation. To foreign investors that would hinder our progress.

So who are being democratic here? They time and time accuse the president of being authoritarian. Does the 16 million Filipino who voted him did not realized that? It was in fact clear in his campaign that his administration would be bloody. The Filipino voted him isn’t it in accordance with democracy? It is what the poeple want. 

They say that the president is destroying democracy in his attemp to control the situation in Marawi. The Fundamental law provided that Martial Could be implemented in a case of invasion or rebellion, when the public safety requires it. Now the question is could we say that they are democratic if the deprive the poeple of protection?

They are not the democrats. They are the new breed, the new manifestation of elite government. They are the puppets of Capitalism. 

The Dog is Barking again as Usual

So antonio trillanes (I intentionally made this gramar mistake of not using the capital letters at the start of their name. It is beacause I strongly believe that considering him as a proper noun is improper in accordance to my own conviction that his state of the mind is worse than my dog) made another press conference. After his epic failure in his interview with BBC hardtalk, here is he again making rants about his “supposed failure of the congress to move into any direction” another false claim by this douche. 

I don want to elaborate. I just w

So antonio trillanes (I intentionally made this gramar mistake of not using the capital letters at the start of their name. It is beacause I strongly believe that considering him as a proper noun is improper in accordance to my own conviction that his state of the mind is worse than my dog) made another press conference. After his epic failure in his interview with BBC hardtalk, here is he again making rants about his “supposed failure of the congress to move into any direction” another false claim by this douche. 

I don want to elaborate. I just want to share this screenshot.Shame on me na sa phone ako nagpopost ngayon di ko maibigay ang link.

Hindi po kami sa kangkungan pupulutin. Kamo takot ka lang na sa kulungan uuwi. Bobo. The story of the Philippines under Duterte is a story of promise. The story that you are trying to tell is the story of oppression. Tama na po please. 

You are trying to destroy the president who is willing to make Philippines a great country. We will not let that happen. As long as the president is doing his job. We will protect him. 

So they say they are democrats?

The widely accepted definition of democracy is it a government for the people, of the people and by the poeple. It was defined as the rule of majority. If there is a democracy happening in our country’s history, it his happening now in the presidency of Rodrigo Duterte. 

His presidency is the Philippine version of the French revolution. It is the moment when Filipinos voted from their hearts hoping for change. For many years we are suffering from poor governance due to the fact that we never had the real politians who are competent and morally inclined to solve the perennial problems of the Philippines. The problem of corruption and poverty. I am a very passionate Filipino a licensed professional teacher with a Licensure exam rating of 87%. As of now I am an MAEd Social Science candidate. I am not a fool nor ignorant to acknowledge the fact that president Duterte is the solution he is the hope of the country and he is being badmouthed by those who were corrupted by power.

I am not alon in advocating to protect the president from the predators who want to preserve the filth in the Government. We are in fact a super majority. We exceed the opposition by mumbers thus we represented the rule of the majority. If Duterte is being authoritarian we care less. And I believe his authoritarian regime is within the true spirit of democracy. It is because it reflects the peoples aspirations. To see the Philippines as a country who is capable to rise above poverty. With its citizens being proud of out culture and history. We represent majority we are the democracy, we are the Government and we support president Duterte.